Light and dynamic fur-tree

New Year's registration of a Manezhnaya Square in Moscow

Hours on a tower 2000 Moscow-city

Light panel on a facade of the Central Telegraph

Light panel to the 850 anniversary of Moscow

Winter fountain

Fountain Peter I

Accomplishment of territory of an inhabited complex Kutuzovsky Riviera

Mobile light and music a fountain

Fountain at university

Write the letter

MMDTZ "Moscow-City"

Preview trailer MMDTZ "Moscow-City" is developed under the order of the Government of Moscow for presentation of a complex at the international exhibition MAPIC in Cannes in 2005. Specially for a trailer the three-dimensional model of all object has been built and the original script is developed.


The concept of a plot is built with the purpose of disclosing of the importance of the first and unique complex in Russia superdense building of city scale and architecturally-art value. In a trailer recognized images of Moscow as symbol of Russia are used.

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