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Landscape designing of territory of a business centre

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The concept of a complex accomplishment and gardening Kutuzovsky Riviera


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Accomplishment and gardening of the object the Commercial business center the White square

The concept of an accomplishment and gardening of the object "the Commercial business center" the "White square" (Moscow, Lesnaya street, vl. 11 - 15; Butyrsky val, vl. 2 - 6 in territory of city quarters 674 and 675) is executed on the basis of the contract with the Customer and on the basis of the Order of the Government of Moscow. The designed area is located in a zone of strict town-planning regulation, in borders of a security zone of monuments of history and culture, outside the Garden ring, in municipal area Tverskoy TZAO of Moscow.



The central kernel of a composition of an accomplishment became the area between church and buildings. The composition of a fountain in the center of this area is designed so that to provide unobstructed travel of fire machines in case of emergency. The geometry of the area is maintained with two semicircular benches turned to a composition of a fountain. The decision to arrange a step and a ramp between Zastavny lane and the designed area is dictated by a difference between levels of existing road and a plane of an offered composition of a fountain that is caused by its design features. The raised terraces formed by differences of a relief, allow to allocate the open zones of a cafe. In the intervals between the double retaining walls reveted by granite plates, it is offered to land wood and grassy plants. Places of the beginning of the walls, and also the corners formed by their turns, are accented by the raised cylindrical granite capacities for plants.



The great value for perception of object has figure pavement. In the offered variant figure has been dictated by geometry of a building, and also the form of a fountain as center of all composition. Concentric circles accent the areas, and rectangular figure emphasizes a rhythm of columns of buildings. The granite is offered as a material for stoning.



The project provides architectural illumination. Retaining walls will be illuminated by the built in fixtures, and in lawns between walls lanterns in the form of light columns are installed. Functional illumination is developed in the equipment design.


The area of an accomplishment - 0,76 Hectares


Granite stoning:
- On stylobate - 0,44 Hectares
- On a ground - 0,28 Hectares


- On stylobate - 0,025 Hectares
- On a ground - 0,015 Hectares

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