Landscape architecture


The design concept of territory of a business centre the

Accomplishment and commercial centre gardening in Moscow

Landscape designing of territory of a business centre

Moscow. The

Kutuzovsky Riviera

The concept of a complex accomplishment and gardening Kutuzovsky Riviera


Gardening of territory of Kutuzovsky Riviera

Small architectural forms Kutuzovsky Riviera

The artificial mountain river which does not have analogues in Moscow

The man-made river

Inhabited complex Kutuzovsky Riviera

Svetodinamichesky fountains in territory of an inhabited complex

The concept of a complex accomplishment of territory of an elite inhabited complex

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Accomplishment and gardening of the stylobate of an inhabited complex Well House

Moscow, Mashinostroyenia street


Man-made island of nature in the city – is the basic idea of this park. Various on color of foliage and the common form wood plants are picked up in view of decorative effect of park in current of round year. For convenience of stacking stoning of the twisting paths it is offered to use a natural chipped stone. In ring-shaped paths it can be combined with clinker brick. Freakish forms  of terraced sites with a florid network of paths compensates simple figure of the core stoning of the firemen passages.


Balance of the territory, Mashinostroyenia street:
Total area - 13500 m2
The area of gardening - 5152 m2
The area of stoning - 7857 m2
The area of a water table - 164 m2
The area of a children's playground - 327 m2

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