Landscape architecture


The design concept of territory of a business centre the

Accomplishment and commercial centre gardening in Moscow

Landscape designing of territory of a business centre

Moscow. The

Kutuzovsky Riviera

The concept of a complex accomplishment and gardening Kutuzovsky Riviera


Gardening of territory of Kutuzovsky Riviera

Small architectural forms Kutuzovsky Riviera

The artificial mountain river which does not have analogues in Moscow

The man-made river

Inhabited complex Kutuzovsky Riviera

Svetodinamichesky fountains in territory of an inhabited complex

The concept of a complex accomplishment of territory of an elite inhabited complex

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A reference site of an accomplishment of city territories MMDTZ Moscow-City

In the equipment design of a reference site (site 1, 2) as a whole the general plan stipulates accommodation squares for an exposition:
- Elements of an accomplishment (stoning, gardening);
- Small architectural forms;
- Elements of external illumination and lighting, the built in floor illumination;
- The advertising, information and telecommunication equipment;
- Water devices (fountain);
- Elements of container gardening;
- Stops of public transport;
- Heating of a road covering.


In the equipment design the scheme of movement of visitors of an exposition is developed. Variants of a road covering are developed on a site 2 and presented by following types: concrete pavement  tile, clinker brick, granite plates. On the same site it was designed a zone of heating with a covering square 12,0 m2.

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