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VII-th Urban festival of flower beds and the landscape architecture




VII-th Urban festival of flower beds and the landscape architecture


The visit card of VII-th Urban festival of flower beds and the landscape architecture which sounds as "Moscow - city of equal possibilities", the emblem with the image of the rainbow symbolizing the union and equal rights the more so as for the place of festival square at the ponds "Raduga" is offered.


The exposures of festival were designed in view of intensity of terrain illumination. The fundamental concept of exposure consists in extraction of areas not according to geographical or other characteristics of the participating companies, but on subjects of flower beds or of compositions. So, for demonstrating carpet flower beds the area of a grand entrance is allocated, and volumetric sculptural compositions can be disposed near the water line, etc. For small landscape projects the separate area is allocated. It is offered to organize zoning within the limits of various theme competitions.


It is possible to integrate ompositions of flower beds by means of volumetric space constructions with style forming devices of decoration. It can be both flower beds, and various constructions with utilization of spray design and living plants. Thus, the exposure of festival serves the thought of dressing of the park and can be used as the main idea of its further renovation and exploitation.


The functional zoning of the territory was thought over together with a general design organization "LAARDI" LLC. For example, near the Grafskyi pond it is offered to set a summer platform where   celebratory actions of the festival will be conducted. The main entertaining areas are surrounded nearby: children's playgrounds, restaurant, etc. On the territory of the park there are areas of athletic fields for people with the restricted possibilities and table games club. As a matter of convenience it is offered to organize routes of electro mobiles for visitors.


Considering natural and landscape conditions of design, "ADLINE" proposed to decorate water surface with the floating fountain in a random order of arrangement. The concept is developed for visual and walkways links which form space of the park. In the evening the fountains are lighted by multi-colored lights.


Within the frames of park renovation the realization of cultural activities, the structure of the design includes the light music aqueous show. Show consists of a fountain, light, laser and projection effects. For each holiday it is planned to develop individual programs which can transmit bright emotions and celebratory mood through color and rhythm.


The project of hydro plastic fountain composition is based on the multi layered approach to design of light and water. All the included effects are organically inscribed in a uniform composition and will organize space of a pond in the evening and in the afternoon.


The main task of a hydroplastic solution of a fountain - to enable people to see  landscape in new aspect of dynamical life of park at the present stage of evolution of society.


Plastics of architecture of a fountain complex, landscape methods of decoration of the territory, hydroplastic and light decorative design - all these factors propose not only to evaluate the competitive program of festival of flower beds, but also arrange people to think about environment.


Group of authors:
M. Chernyak, the principal of a group of authors
G. Dragomanova
A. Sizentsev

K. Slemzin
A. Sjagov
E. Afonkina

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