Landscape architecture


The design concept of territory of a business centre the

Accomplishment and commercial centre gardening in Moscow

Landscape designing of territory of a business centre

Moscow. The

Kutuzovsky Riviera

The concept of a complex accomplishment and gardening Kutuzovsky Riviera


Gardening of territory of Kutuzovsky Riviera

Small architectural forms Kutuzovsky Riviera

The artificial mountain river which does not have analogues in Moscow

The man-made river

Inhabited complex Kutuzovsky Riviera

Svetodinamichesky fountains in territory of an inhabited complex

The concept of a complex accomplishment of territory of an elite inhabited complex

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Landscape architecture

"ADLINE" offers the customers different services on landscape designing and a complex accomplishment of city territories.


Original architectural decisions, landscape methods of decoration of territories, hydroplastic,  light decoration design, knowledge and experience of designers of the company, the complex approach to objects of an accomplishment have allowed to develop projects of an architecturally-landscape accomplishment under orders of urban services and large commercial companies.

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