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Mobile light music fountains

Special place in work of company in sphere of hydroplastics and water technologies occupy innovative development mobile light music fountains which can be installed in any place of city for time specified by the customer.


During the daytime such fountains please with dynamics of hydroplastic figures, and in the evening here it is possible to arrange light music show. Developed in "ADLINE" constructions of mobile fountains are possible to be used in any city spaces: in streets, in parks and squares, on the areas and the open water areas of reservoirs. Such fountains are actively used during various city and corporate events.


In Moscow mobile light music fountain for the first time has been installed at the Belarus railway station in days of celebrating of the 60-th anniversary of the Great Victory, later such fountain  appeared by Day of the City on ayakovskyi square. Today engineers and designers of "ADLINE" improve mobile fountains, continuing development of new designs. 

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