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"ADLINE" is engaged in hydroplastic design and water technologies about ten years. Here the strict science, art and technologies and free flight of a creative idea are united.


As well as in sphere of light decoration, in the field of hydroplastic design and water technologies the experts of "Adline" have taken an armament the complex approach to designing objects. In the company all the necessary divisions providing performance of a full cycle of works are created, - from the project before operation, own experimentally-technical and industrial base has received development. Uniqueness of hydroplastic design of each object dictates also necessity of an individual approach to technical maintenance of its construction and operation. That is why for an exact and qualitative embodiment of design plans, experts of ''Adline" had to develop and produce the details do not having market analogues. In the company the computer program is developed, allowing to calculate a fountain of any complexity.


For the last ten years experts of "Adline" have learned to operate not only light, but also water, having connected two elements with color and music. Water is capable to run silently, or to fall as a noisy falls, in accuracy to repeat the form set by designers, to turn that to the huge "stood" water column, or to shine all colors of a rainbow water steam. In a basis of this beauty - knowledge of laws of aquaplastics, the engineering decisions, new technologies.


In "ADLINE" they always aspired and aspire to achievement of harmony of light, color and water with the city environment. Behind the shoulders of experts of the company - many years of   fundamental researches in the sphere of water technologies. The company has it's own unique development. So, in "ADLINE" the form-building atomizers working by a principle of self-oscillations, underwater bronze fixtures on light-emitting diodes, and many other things of equipment are developed. The newest water technologies allow the experts of ''ADLINE'' to use in fountains not only the opportunities of water, but also practically boundless opportunities of light, color and a sound. Owing to this synthesis, it became possible for the company to embody the most complex artistic images. 


The modern fountain - is a whole composition from various water jets, frequently with a changing height and direction of water movement. Calculations to such gushing compositions remind calculations of exact chemical process in any industrial production. So, movement of water in a fountain is calculated by a principle of movement of air streams in the aviation industry. Not casually among "ADLINE" experts – there are natives from aircraft industry. 


For control of the complex gushing mechanism the special computer block is required. It is the "brain" of all construction having channels of control by water, light, color and music, hydro pumps, pneumovalves and set of other complex technical devices. These elements should work long, - so, here are required also practical, hard-surface modern materials.


In modern decisions there was a possibility to transform water into a certain sculptural form, and with jets it is possible to draw graphics. It's the task of the designer - to find the decisions organically combined both with modern, and with classical architecture. And not forgotten  interior fountains demanding absolutely other approach as there are no wind loadings that is why more circumspect  design decisions are possible also, for example, a thin veil of water or water steam.


Designers, programmers and engineers of "ADLINE" designed and started fountains on Manezhnoi square, at a monument to Peter the Great, in Tzvetnoy boulevard, a fountain "Abduction of the Europe" in the square at the Kiev railway station and a magnificent gushing complex in Tsaritzyno. In a track record of the company - the reconstructed fountain in Gorky Park, fountains "the Stone Flower" in Luzniki, "Friendship Of People", and tens more fountains in Moscow, Khabarovsk and other cities of Russia.


For designers of "ADLINE" fountains remain one of the major genres of architecture in which basis the artistic image embodied by experts always lays, well knowing aqua plastics and all adjacent "gushing" sciences. The principal "secret" of "ADLINE" consists in skill to synthesize architecture, water, light, color and music in the uniform and fine whole.

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