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The concept of architectural, art illumination and water show of MIBC "Moscow-city"

Having done the analysis of architectural-town-planning decisions and structural features of MIBC "Moscow-city" complex, leaning on world experience in area of illumination of high-rise buildings, "ADLINE" developed the concept of architectural illumination of facades on celebratory and on days off.


The illumination principle is put in a concept basis: architectural and art features of the object, town-planning situations, possible directions of viewing, character of light reflecting properties of a facade is developed. LED technology  has been chosen: both dot light elements  and structures of various forms and the sizes will be used.


Advantage of this technology - low power consumption, simplicity in installation and operation (the guaranteed LED service life  - 100000 thousand hours), bright expressive colors. Wide opportunities of a PC for show control.


Special value in the concept is given to light effects for allocation of original constructive decisions at tops of buildings. The light elements located directly on facades, not only support architectural features of each object, but also concentrate a uniform figurative number of all complex. This variant of illumination is offered for the days off. It is well combined with architectural illumination and internal light of technological floors, and also gives to a complex a solemn and complete kind.


For celebratory illumination of "Moscow-city" all palette of light materials and the newest technologies has been used. Animated illumination of interiors of halls, LED elements on facades, projective and laser installations that will allow to conduct infinite game with space, to hide or, on the contrary, to underline architectural features of object, to change shape of a complex, creating various images, and the main thing - celebratory mood.


The graphic decision is developed for each facade. Like theatrical side scenes one picture accumulates   another, the sight is lost in infinity of arising prospects, and thought in set of curious stratifications, riddles and associations. Drawings of light elements on facades of buildings do not contrast among themselves, and as though merge, making impression of integrity and a uniform image.


The separate computer program providing control of light elements is developed for each holiday. It will allow to have always a unique and unexpected appearance of a complex on holidays.


Within the limits of celebratory decoration light and music water show is offered. Show includes a dynamic fountain, light, laser and projective effects, pyrotechnics. Musical themes dictate lines of a jet pattern and build the outline of a holiday. The equipment is established on floating pontoons and put forward in the middle of the Moskva River only for the period of show program.


The concept of celebratory illumination works on numerous perspective points of a city and is aimed to  attract the attention of visitors and inhabitants of capital.

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