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The Moscow international business centre Moscow-city

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Sites of "Moscow-City"

11-th SITE
It is the last one from the design projects approved on the Art Council - architectural and celebratory illumination of the transport terminal - site 11. This project is a vivid example of teamwork of "ADLINE" and "Svetoservice".


The object consists of 3 volumes of difficult forms, and the facades combined according to their cladding. The concept of architectural illumination has the following character - illumination of a glass is carried out due to internal illumination by the luminaries located behind glasses with lowered level of light exposure from top to down. Illumination of blackshadow face parts of a facade is carried out by projectors with brightness fall upwards. Also we offered a light-emitting diode screen and a running line. On holidays the LED elements will help to underline original rhythm of windows and black shadow parts of a facade.

14-th SITE
The complex geometry of a multi use object on this site has introduced a certain intrigue in its decoration. The effect is reached with the help of light drawing. Thin white light lines on constructive elements precisely outline facade structure. The computer program provides various types of graphic drawings: it can be effect of volume growing from the earth, or shaped movement of shone elements on buildings where any necessary rhythm is possible.


Totally it is planned to mount 5652 metres of linear LED fixtures. Total power consumption - 300 k. The demo roller was simulated and then approved by authors of the architectural project - F. Williams, M. Posohinym, G. Sirotoj, and also Art Council under I. Voskresensky's presidency.


15-th SITE
Site 15 - "The Complex of office buildings of Moscow Government ". In the concept approved in 2004 in the section of ornamental and art illumination, the top of the building has been actively outlined – by M character - the Mayoralties was shone by red light, designating a public and social significance of this office building. Now, revising architecture of  facade at a stage of the lighting project, the design project has been reconsidered. Wishes of senior architects Hazanov and Nagavitzin regarding animation of facade and light image of the Kremlin spikes are considered. New projects visually combines the internal light of titanic Atriums, almost screen light dynamic method to emphasize the facade  and original symbolical completion of the object of a building. For decoration linear LED in overall length of 3750 m =53 W/m, LED floodlights - 416 pieces 200 W, dot fixtures - 3176 pieces 20 W, with a total power of 345 kw are used. All together, including light dynamic, makes a building especial and majestic.


19-th SITE
Light adds the pattern, evaluating volume and structural singularities of each building. As an example the building of  the "Northern tower" on 19-th site can serve.


General idea of the concept of the light decoration created by the experts of "ADLINE" and "Svetoservice" was to integrate the system of the light dynamic celebratory illumination and architectural lighting and to receive the uniform fashion of the floating ship. Dot LED fixtures - 435 pieces of 24W imitating illuminators of the ship, will be fixed on lower storeys of a building, and to be switched on only on holidays. Linear LED lamps, overall length 1202,5 m, =53 W/m on tower of building 3 as pipes of the ocean liner are let up. The same equipment is planned to be installed on balconies of a body 2 - 3, and also 73 LED floodlights power 200 W, 135 LED floodlights power 120 W.

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