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The Moscow international business centre Moscow-city

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In 2004 "ADLINE" was invited to participate in development of the Concept of the complex architecturally-art decision of building of the Moscow International Business Center "Moscow-City". Creation of the uniform Concept of architectural, celebratory illumination first in a global practice and festive light dynamic show "Moscow-City" became top of achievements of experts of "ADLINE".


"Moscow-City" – is one of the most arrogant and significant town-planning projects of the present. For the first time in a world practice of illumination of such large object including almost two ten of multipurpose high-altitude complexes, was developed at a stage of its designing as the uniform concept. Experts of "ADLINE" managed to solve the most complicated problem, - to make inseparable from each other architecture, light, dynamics and color, organically having enscribed them in a context of the city.


Within the limits of the Concept "ADLINE" has developed three variants of  art-decorative illumination of City, - "Show-program", "Graphics" and "Supergraphics". In "Show-program" it is used the method of imposing of a matrix grid from identical light elements for allocation of objects of a building and as a result the architecture is as though dissolved in the general picture of light decorative effects. In "Graphics" the graphic figure developed for everyone separate object emphasizing design features of object, its individuality is used, here again light decorative elements have already various character. The most successful had been recognized a variant of "Supergraphics". Here the authors followed the general system of construction of an architectural composition, accenting light of a complex of three most active volumes. The main accent here became a tower "Russia", - the highest and significant building of City. Light decorative design  of a tower has been dictated by its form and impetuous character of architecture. This variant has laid down in a basis of the Concept of  art-decorative illumination of MMDTZ "Moscow-City", approved by Public council at mayor of Moscow on December, 10th, 2004.


Major problems provided also scale amount of works. Designers of "ADLINE" have anew built up computer 3D-models in view of all available architectural changes, produced celebratory light show which will be shown in the evening on Sundays and holidays, - once an hour within 10-15 minutes. In celebratory illumination of City all palette of the modern light equipment and the newest technologies, - light-emitting diode elements on facades and dynamic illumination of interiors of buildings, laser and projection installations, light musical fountains, dynamics for music of light and water show, pyrotechnic devices is used. It has allowed designers of "ADLINE" to conduct game with space, infinitely thinking out all new and new scripts.


As an example of "light transformation" of the object can serve the multipurpose complex "Northern tower" on 19-th site of MMDTZ "Moscow-City". General idea of the project of the light  decoration created together with experts of GK "Svetoservice", the designers of "ADLINE" considered unification of architectural and light dynamic celebratory illumination systems. As a result became a uniform, beautiful and poetical image of "the ship floating in the night sea". This image "is easily read through" both on holidays, and in week-days. The dot light equipment on the basis of the light-emitting diodes, installed on ground floors of a complex, simulates ship windows. And light-emitting diode fixtures decorating a tower let up, reminding pipes of the huge ocean liner. On holidays and the days off the building is poured by millions color shades.


Such transformations are characteristic also for the other structures of City, - a complex of office buildings of legislative and executive authority of Moscow on 15-th site "Moscow-City", a multipurpose high-altitude complex of the company "Mercury City Tower " on 14-th site. Uniqueness practically of each building dictates also the non-standard, creative approach of designers to architectural light decoration of each object, and development of the new equipment. So, at realization of the project of light decoration of a complex " the Tower on embankment", - object of ENKA company on 10-th site of MMDTZ, adjoining Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, - it was necessary to designers and technologists of "Adline" "to adhere" design-project to already partially built up object. The customer has agreed on accommodation of the light equipment only in decorative mullions of the facades, that considerably reduced initial volume of light elements. But in "Adline" they have found a way out: specially for this case the fixture having the non-standard sizes 15205535 has been developed, as a light source in which light-emitting diodes of ultrahigh brightness, with a corner of radiation of 60 degrees are used. These fixtures meet all requirements of technology of installation on a surface of the printed-circuit-board.
Authors of the Concept: I. Voskresenskij, G. Sirota, M. Chernyak.
Above development of the Concept worked: A. Holinov, K. Slemzin, A. Sizentsev, O. Borisov, T. Smorchkova, A. Harihin, S. Vasilets, P. Golovanov.

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