Light-emitting diodes, neon, a projector, stroboscopes

City registration by holidays

Light composition snow laces on city streets

Light and dynamic a New Years composition in Moscow

Winter light fountain

Light fur-tree toys

Decorative illumination

The design project, 3D-modelling, visualisation

Original design of the city environment

Design of New Years fur-trees

Creation of light designs

Celebratory registration of a city

Light registration of buildings

New Years registration of a building of the mayoralty

Light panel on a building facade

Illumination on bridges

The star sky

Registration of support of city illumination

Light bed curtains

Light and decorative design

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Experts of ''ADLINE" have actually headed search of new forms and means of formation of celebratory shape of capital, tuned with the time. And for 12 years together with urban services have passed a way from development of separate elements of thematic decorative design to complex light decoration of city territories.


The experts of the company became legislators of a fashion in sphere of light decorative and celebratory design, founders of many unique projects: large-scale volumetric-spatial compositions on Manezhnoi and Lubyanskoi squares, on a facade of the Central Telegraph. For the first time used the light-emitting diode equipment on a facade of a building of the Mayoralty (Novy Arbat, 36).


The special place in this line are occupied by innovative decisions of designers of the company on light dynamic decoration of facades of the Moscow international business center "Moscow-City".

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