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Light and music fountain in Tsarina's

Light and dynamic fountain on the area of the Kiev station

Accomplishment of territory Kutuzovsky Riviera

Light and decorative fur-tree

New Year

The Polar lights Lubjansky square

Art illumination Moscow-city

Celebratory illumination of facades of buildings on New Arbate

Illumination the New Arbat bridge

The star sky on the Kutuzovsky prospectus

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Our awards


The diploma of the winner of competition Landscape architecture. A sight from the house Kutuzovsky Riviera




The diploma of the winner of competition "The Landscape architecture. A view from the dwelling" in a nomination "Urban yard spaces" with the realized object of a improvement of a housing estate "Kutuzovskaya Riviera"
Moscow, October, 2008





The union of Designers of Russia awards Adline diploma for advancement of new technologies in colour and light city registration





The Union of Designers of Russia awards with the diploma "ADLINE" for promoting of new technologies in color and light decoration of the city.
Design-forum and the exhibition "Sochi-2008"
Sochi, May, 2008







The organising committee of XI All-Russia Design Forum Sochi-2008 awards Maria Chernjak





The organizing committee of XI All-Russian Design-forum "Sochi-2008" awards Maria Chernyak
Sochi, May, 2008


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