Group of companies “Adline“ successfully works in the field of design of urban environment, festive decoration, design and construction and installation works on the improvement of the territory and the installation of engineering networks, fountains and small architectural forms for more than 20 years.
V Moscow International festival RAPPA 2003
Thank-you letter for the festive decoration of the Moscow region

The basic principle of “Adline“ is an individual, complex approach to the solution of each task. The universal staff of experienced employees allows the company to work with projects in each of the areas: concept, project, implementation, operation.

The team of “Adline" has extensive experience in developing and implementing the concepts of light and festive decoration of the city. Actively mastering foreign experience, the company’s specialists tried to adapt it for Russian cities, relying on domestic traditions. Special attention is paid to thematic holidays in the sphere of registration of city territories. It is worth noting that the integrated approach includes not only a single concept for the design of the city, but also an implementation program for several years.

Having its own design and production base, the company “Adline“ is able to fulfill the order with high quality and in the shortest possible time. Developed in the company and patented unique software allows you to automate the process of calculating hydroplastic solutions of varying complexity. Specialists of “Adline“ are guided by the advanced domestic and international technologies of construction of fountains, use engineering equipment, components, consumables from leading world manufacturers and original equipment of own design that allows implementing various technically complex projects. The company has copyrights to a number of inventions and design decisions in the field of engineering, which significantly improve the quality indicators of projects.

Adline Group not only transforms the urban environment, but also is the author of major event-events with the participation of foreign specialists - from the development of ideas and concepts to organization. Moscow International Light Festivals, for the first time in history held in the capital (“Circle of Light“, “Christmas Light“) - a vivid example of the company's successful operations.

Using all its capabilities and experience, “Adline“ directly participates in the formation of urban policy in the sphere of environmental design.

For a significant contribution to the design of the capital, Adline architects and designers were awarded the Moscow Prize in architecture and art, the company's specialists were awarded the title of laureate of the Victoria Award of the Union of Designers of Russia four times.

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